Being part of LiberoGroup Training Team, you will have the opportunity to deliver accredited courses with certificates issued by LiberoGroup Continuous Professional Development Training Centre – Level I.

 We are proud to work as DNV-GL trainers on nonexclusive basis and we also work with external qualified co-trainers.

All of our trainers have deep knowledge of the maritime rules and regulations.


Benefits of cooperation

  • Τransform knowledge into shareable lessons and resources, engage students through interactive features and accelerate the learning process
  • Meet professionals from the same field
  • Increase international recognition through worldwide training
  • Access one of the most updated eLearning platforms, LiberoGroup will convert your training material into effective online courses using a great variety of interactive tools and features


 LiberoAssurance E-learning platform can host any type of course, from a standard presentation to highly interactive and engaging courses or webinars.

To get an indication of the platform layout and capabilities, please check out our Demo Course


 Key qualifications

  • University Degree or equivalent recognized by national authority
  • Knowledge and understanding of relevant training material
  • 3 years of experience in the training sector
  • Proficient in English language
  • High standard of professional presentation and attitude


If you are interested in joining the LiberoGroup Network of Trainers, please contact us and the responsible person will get back to you with further instructions within 48 hours.


Our Trainers

Team Leader

  • Efthimios Liberopoulos (Rear Admiral HCG(ret), Mechanical & Electrical Engineer NTUA, DNV-GL & RINA Trainer)

Training / Seminar Preparation Team

esyd eoppep 15 12073 IAS Mark Mgmt Sys Cert Bdy