We have prepared an extended list of courses available for training for the following main sectors:

  • SOLAS,
  • Human Element (STCW-MLC-Health & Hygiene etc) and
  • other international conventions related to IMO / ILO / IHO


Also we provide courses:

  • ISO Standards
  • Shipping & Ship related Companies
  • Flag / Organizations / Governments Organizations
  • Officers & Crew
  • Port, Port facility Personnel / Yards / Workshops


You may download our current list of courses below

Download this file (Master_Seminar_List_LS-LA_161116.pdf) Master Seminar List


Indicative list of STCW seminars is available here

Download this file (Master_Seminar_List_LS-LA_161116.pdf)  STCW LiberoAssurance Courses



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