More popularly known as Computer Assisted Instruction or Tutorials, "Computer Based Training" is a process of learning that is not executed in the traditional manner one experiences in an educational environment/classroom. Specifically, learning is carried out remotely with the aid of an online learning platform, through which students can access the seminars they wish.

The area of training is the full spectrum of the maritime industry and ISO standards. Along with the teaching material uploaded in our website, LiberoAssurance is available at any stage of the course to answer any queries students may have.


For the trainee some of the benefits are:

  • Training using computer on board, in office or at home.
  • Students who are quick learners can forge ahead based on their own pace and finish the course in less time.
  • For those who need more time to process and learn new information, computer based training is ideal, as they can adjust the learning process at their own stride.
  • Courses are available online and can be easily updated.


How to participate in a Course

Visit the “List of Seminars” section in our Website. The basic steps are as follows:

  1. Read the procedure
  2. Check pricing and choose the seminar you are interested
  3. Choose a Payment Method – Pay – Receive code for the course
  4. Download the Seminar and material attached, where applicable
  5. Participate the multiple choice exam – you have 3 attempts

An automated certificate will be issued after successful results and sent to the declared address.



  • Some of the courses request simulators. For these seminars the certification will be received after proper finalization of the course in an approved maritime training centre.
  • We can provide tailor made seminar/courses for companies or Training Centres. These courses are prepared by our qualified trainers and may be Company/Ship/Grade Specific.



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