What are Second party or Supplier Audits?

Second-party audit is carry out by a company to a supplier/distributor/partner in order to confirm whether the specifications in their contract are satisfied. These requirements can be for:

  • the management of operational processes
  • special standards set by the company
  • documentation procedures
  • any additional requirements agreed between the customer and the supplier


Second party audits provided by LiberoAssurance will help you enhance organizational performance, customer satisfaction and global image;

Strengthen your business and control organizational processes at a core level.


How is a Second-party audit conducted?

The audit can be tailored-made according to the needs of each company and it can be carried out:

  • on-site; through process review
  • off-site; through supplier's document review
  • partly or fully; for the audit you may choose between specific areas of the contract or the full contract


Why choose us?

LiberoAssurance offers services to help your organization manage partners, suppliers distributors and any second party effectively.Through a network of competent auditors, we specially offer second-party audits to help your company:

  • Control operational risks and threats
  • Enhance your organization’s operational efficiency
  • Meet customer requirements
  • Improve the quality of your supply chain
  • Increase your organization’s reliability and protect its reputation


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